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Our Story

Where It All Began...

French food has always been a passion since my teenage years, that were spent in the South West of France near Bordeaux. 

I came to appreciate fresh local produce, developed cooking skills using the best of ingredients from the area and developed an interest in wine during my studies at the Wine School of Monbazillac.

With my Sicilian wife, I explored various foods from Sicily and Italy and it seemed only natural to one day open a business where I could share my love and experience of French and Italian food with others.

“I want you to love this place. I put my heart and soul into the deli and I think it shows”

– Xavier

Delicious Wines

Our selection of wines will be added soon...

Our Offering

What We Offer...

Delicious Coffee

Freshly roasted beans from our special Laurents blend containing Arabica from Brazil, Honduras and Ethiopia with a hint of Indian robusta. The result, a rounded body coffee, with a subtle caramel sweetness, earthy chocolate notes and a clean finish.

Bakery and Pâtisserie

Freshly baked pastries and breads from the traditional French Baguette to the Spelt and Sourdough loaves. Wide selection of French Pâtisserie, all sourced from a local French pâtissier.

Cheeses and Cured Meats

We offer a large range of cheeses and cured meats from the well known Brie de Meaux, to the best Italian San Daniele, to enjoy with a glass of red wine at the Deli or carefully wrapped for you to take home.


Currently Only Outdoor Seating

At Laurents we provide the choice of relaxing on our outdoor terrace or a quiet indoor seating area with a Parisian vibe. However, at this time only outdoor seating is available due to COVID 19 restrictions.


Deli Foods

French and Italian speciality recipes such as Quiche Lorraine, Lasagna, Parmigiana, and plenty more. Homemade salads, Fresh baguette, panini sandwiches, Vegetarian and meat feuilletés.



For lovers of French food, you will find the ideal wine to go with the perfect foie gras and pâté. For Italian enthusiasts you will find your favourite Italian biscuits and Laurents pasta sauces.

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